Natomas Child Care        
Kristie Drahos (Main Care Provider)
Located in the North Natomas area of Sacramento, Ca 95835 / (916)952-2204
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Play School Program Information
Our Play School Program has a focused topic each week. We work to develop a variety of the skills needed to ensure an easy transition into kindergarten. We review each child as they play & learn, & adjust the curriculum to their individual needs.

  Areas of Importance

Personal & Social Development
Language & Literacy
Mathematical Thinking
Physical Development
The Arts

Toddler Schedule

Throughout the day, we dedicate:
45 mins to Circle Time (reading, singing & dancing, sharing, cooperation & structured play)

Up to 3 hours to Curriculum Learning
   (strengthening the 5 areas of importance listed above)

Up to 2 hours to Outdoor Play
In enclosed patio, at the park, on nature walks & field trips

Weekly Curriculum Topic:
The Letter A!
Here is an example of a week of planned activities for our toddlers


Monthly Menu

Here is an example of the menu we serve. We provide a new monthly menu at the end of the previous month so parents can notate any foods they prefer not to or cannot have their child eat. We also offer an AM snack, PM snack, Evening snack & Dinner.

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