Natomas Child Care        
Kristie Drahos (Main Care Provider)
Located in the North Natomas area of Sacramento, Ca 95835 / (916)952-2204
Facility License #343618953  / /        


"Kristie and her staff at Natomas Child Care are amazing!! I have 2 girls going there full time and I am extremely happy with the care they receive. The daycare itself is clean and safe, the neighborhood is quiet, and the rates are reasonable. 

My girls love going there! It feels more like a preschool envirionment because they open the day with circle time and have engaging educational activities throughout the day. They are never bored with all the art projects she's coming up with and they love to share what they've learned. I appreciate the fact they are not just sitting around watching movies and TV all day long.

I know it's hard choosing a daycare provider you can trust, but I would recommend Natomas Child Care."

- Aileen P.    Sacramento, Ca 


-     "Kristie has had our son for about a year full time and we have been beyond impressed with the daycare itself and the environment she creates for the kids. They create a perfect balance with structure and learning and playtime/play learning. She has created so much more than just a daycare, it is much more like a preschool. Within the year he has been with her he has become more social and learned manners and various age appropriate skills that put him ahead of his age group. We also love that she offers after hours care and weekends so we could grab a date night every so often. I wouldn't feel comfortable leaving my child with anyone else." 

- Edward L.   Sacramento, Ca 


"Natomas Child Care is by far the best in town! Kristie, the owner, is an amazing person. Her home daycare truly provides a safe, extremely clean, and educational environment for the children she cares for. She truly loves what she does and it shows."

- Alicia A.    Sacramento, Ca 


"Natomas Child Care is absolutely wonderful. The owner and staff are delightful. The environment is extremely clean, safe, and nurturing. The rates are very fair. After getting to know the owner, Kristie Drahos, we would not take our children anywhere else." 

-      - Chris C.  Sacramento, Ca


"We normally do drop in care frequently. Kristie is a fantastic sitter. She offers reasonable rates, and keeps the kids constantly occupied with art projects and other activities. They are happy and love going there. I would recommend Natomas Child Care. 

- Jody F.    Rio Linda, Ca


"I found Kristie after frantically looking for a babysitter for my two month old before I started back up work. I was a little scared at first because of all the horror stories you hear about babysitters. My boyfriend and I set up an interview with Kristie at her home, and when I walked in and saw her I immediately felt safe with her. After talking to her for about an hour and a half we knew she was the one to watch our baby. She is nice and friendly, she also teaches Spanish and Sign Language to the babies - which is great! She also has a system to where she will update you on the baby's mood, what the baby did, when they went to the bathroom, and when they ate and napped all on a paper that you can take home or have emailed to you. This helps because you can't always remember what time the sitter said and sometimes sitters don't even inform you. You can tell she genuinely cares about babies and I will always use her as long as she and I both live in the same city." 

- Ashley M.    Rancho Cordova, Ca 


     "Kristie has been wonderful for me and my young daughter!  When I first called Kristie, I was a first-time mom juggling taking care of my daughter full time and working from home - I needed help.  Kristie was amazing from the start - she jumped right in and did anything that needed to be done.  She took care of my baby and also washed dishes, swept, mopped, dusted, and other tasks.  My daughter adores Kristie, and I love that she plays games and does other hands-on activities with her.  Kristie is also great at getting my baby down to sleep. Most importantly, I trust her, and never worry when my daughter is in her care. If my financial situation were different, my first wish would be to hire Kristie as a full-time nanny/helper!  I am blessed to have found Kristie and she continues to be the first person I call when I need a sitter."

- Dayna A.  Roseville, CA


     "Kristie did a phenomenal job sitting for my three kids while we were in CA visiting relatives. I would definitely hire her again the next time we are in the area. Even though my kids were such different ages (11 years, 3 years, and 6 months), she successfully found activities that would interest and teach them all.
       Kristie is a gifted sitter and teacher. She is friendly and warm, but also firm. I recommend her wholeheartedly."

- Rachel R.  Chestnut Hill, MA


"It has been my pleasure to have Kristie Nanny and sit for us on various occasions for the last 3 years. I would recommend her to anyone. She is punctual, intelligent, helpful and above all skilled. My son requires a bit of thought to effectively care for. He has a strong will, but Kristie was able to manage, with ease, what some find overwhelming. She does not bargain with a child, rather she maintains rules and standards with love. The children display little disciplinary problems because she keeps their mind occupied with fun and developmental activities. I am a CSUS student working toward a teaching degree. It is difficult to leave my children with others, but I never worried leaving them with Kristie. Her love for the children is evident, and the children do not want to misbehave or disappoint her. She does not use television to entertain and is mindful and respectful of your wishes. My children began to beg me to leave so that Kristie could come watch them because they love her so much."

Jennifer A. Sacramento, CA

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